What I Learned From Will Ferrell’s Good Vibes

I was once assigned to report at a press event for Will Ferrell’s Broadway debut, You’re Welcome America, which he wrote and starred in. When I first arrived, the rest of the press were setting up cameras in the dimly lit gymnasium. It was mid-January, and the general energy of the room was glum. The organizer crankily herded dozens of us in line, like we were cattle. I felt a vague hum of anxiety as I nervously chatted with my cameraman while checking  audio levels. I always feel a bit tense before interviewing stars because, naturally, I wonder what they’ll be like. Today, though, it was more the energy of the room that seemed off. People were in a funk, and it felt like a race to grab your soundbites and get out.  

Suddenly, the man of the hour entered. You could feel his presence before you saw him. True to his optimistic brand, he seemed confident in sweats and converse sneakers, which stood out from the sea of grey suits. He wasn’t outlandish like his famous characters though. Soft spoken and polite, he got straight to the interviews, while commanding the room with gentleness and warmth. He treated every person he met in the same thoughtful way. As I observed him, I felt my mood lift. Looking around, I realized the general energy of the room had now transformed. People who were initially hostile seemed to elevate their demeanor to meet him at his level. Everyone appeared at ease. It was a different group than the mopey faces I’d walked in on a mere five minutes before. These seasoned professionals were used to meeting celebrities everyday, so it wasn’t a case of being star struck. It was the gratitude for life that one person brought to the atmosphere.

You don’t have to be a celebrity to have this type of influence over people or the direction of your projects. As a creative person, you have the same ability to command these good vibrations. Whether it’s something as simple as smiling, or silently setting an intention, you have the power to set off a chain reaction that inspires you to channel great things and uplift others in the process. In your artistic work, bringing that loving, warm intention to your routine everyday, it will raise your productivity and resilience. You’ll notice with practicing this attitude, you may begin to attract a new audience, and remarkably, the naysayers will vanish.

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